The Company Objectives: Health, Wealthy, Happiness.
The Company Culture: Love, Justice, Respect.
The Company Ideas: Good faith, Responsibility, Efficiency.
The Company Criterion: Act immediately, No excuse, Insistence.
The Company Spirit: Believed oneself, Trust the company and the partner, Believe in God.
Director of cosmetic chain stores

President of undertaking of Chinese native medicine sanitary napkin

Experience is shared in life:
It is depressed not to have, disappointing.
There should be a spare tyre in life, because there should be plans in life, but plan not to catch the change forever.
The decision is worthy proudly and respected that engaged in holding a part-time job to make money, because you are for family and oneself, and after family and one's own quality improved of the life, others must admire you as your successes!
Graduates from graduate school of British national university of Leicester.

Vice president of Taiwan B & Q group <Listed company> branch co., the research and development department.

nventor of health products patents.

The leader in charge of the plan of research and development of health care products.
Receive the 2002 year global Chinese people leader star and the well-informed star Award of the direct sale leaders.
2005 to pass the examination of the national beautician test.
  The motto of George liaw:
The health is the most wealthy, to love family is to pay attention to one's own health.
Company’s History:


Chairwoman Miss Pan Lin, contacts the Chinese native medicine sanitary napkin, the sincere approval provides relief to help the artificial this healthy enterprise, then official investment Chinese native medicine sanitary napkin market.


Chairwoman Pan is promoted with all attendant honors this multi-level marketing enterprise highest order to hire President the post. The General Manager Liaw also has the honor to receive the global Chinese people leader star and the well-informed star of the direct sale leaders in the same year, the promulgation ceremony distinguished guest for R.O.C. Vice President Lu.


The company obtains the patent of the healthy paste officially.
Patent No.


The company obtains four patents, the plant essence oil sanitary napkin and so on, Patents No.:  Becomes officially from research, produce, import and sell, and to link production and marketing together.


Self-made , self-marketing , importing, and formally for the Merryliving of production Chinese native medicine sanitary napkin by Hong Kong, and refer to economic department standard Inspection Bureau and examine and pass, and insure NT$10 million of Taiwan Tokyo of Xin'an insurance Co., the quality of the products is ultra and excellent, gone on the market to echo warmly promptly just .


The international marketing of Korea, Macao and China runs formally, company's undertaking domain enters internationalized era.


Popularize the health undertaking, after the nutrition supplement food succeeds in going on the market, introduce the new products health bedding go on the market again.


The head office expanding, building more coffee shops, product exhibition room, training classroom, offer a more high-quality undertaking management environment to distributors.


Obtained the patent of the five elements salt crystal lamps.


Company research and develop Venus health coffee, health tea and health biscuit, begin to merchandize by oneself.


Support and run in coordination with Taipei county government, bureau of education, the 1st North-Area students of primary school composition creates and views.


Obtained two patents of healthy energy chair cushion and healthy energy cosmetic cushion.


The Merryliving Napkins Obtains Thailand government cosmetic class products imported and permitted, and go into the Thai market formal.