Tibet Rhodiola Capsule & Drink  (active oxygen function plant extraction) :
   (active oxygen function plant extraction)
For Heart ,Cardiovascular, Trachea, Lung increase active oxygen nutritional supplements
Rhodiola contains valid active constituents, including salidroside, tannins, and coumarin, flavonoids, carotene, maltose, 14 kinds of amino acids, minerals and trace elements; such as zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium, calcium, magnesium, lead and selenium, and so on.
Wheatgrass ingot:
  For Cancer cure and good for the liver, kidneys, pancreas and bones nutritional supplements
  In 1993, American Medical Association announced the straw to increase safety and excellent full food Containing natural, enzymes, cellulose, vitamins a, C, E, phosphorous, minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc ".)
◎Shutting the body in chlorophyll chemical structure are very similar as red blood cells, also known as "green blood."
◎Green fiber helps digestion, facilitate defecation smoothly.
◎Contains enzymes superoxide Disproportionate Superoxide dismutase. SOD。
  Primitive skeletal development, help maintain digestive function, adjusting physical fitness, strength, metabolism, reduces fatigue, annealing.
Pearl calcium collagen Capsule:  
  Good for Skin, bone, tendons eyes, hair, cellular nutritional supplements
Skin freshmen must have the participation of amino acids, the skin important components is the collagen protein, amino acid composition by Pearl powder containing more than 18 types of amino acid in the human body, promote skin regeneration. Hydrolysis of collagen is Pearl moisturizer daily consumption can increase calcium absorption capacity, let you young, beautiful long time ….
  Long-term consumption, health, skin nourishing beauty, post-natal or disease after nourishing, adjustments to help dental bone development, is healthy, make one of the best tonic.
Chinese Western Ginseng:  
  Good for Physical trachea, growing resistance to enhance children's nutritional supplements  
  Good for Physical trachea, growing resistance to enhance children's nutritional supplements  
  Change the bacteria Plexus ecology, adjustments, nourishing health, strength, and cosmetic beauty, nutrition, health, and post-natal or illness of nutrition, metabolism, to prolong life.