Products Specifications:
Daily use
 *20 pieces
Night use & more amount, *16 pieces
Over night use & much more amount, *12 pieces
Protection cushion(Pantiliner)
 *30 pieces
Protection cushion(Pantiliner)
 *30 pieces
Country of Origin:
  R&D in Taiwan, manufactured in P.R.C.
Patents & Identification:  
Product Features:  
  Made by the five kinds of Chinese natural plants’ essence oil and hi-tech technology, after dipping, spraying, coating and cool drying treatment under high pressure.
 The five kinds of Chinese natural plants’ essence oil:
◆Rose: Blood enrich, heavyhearted clearing, resuscitation
◆Lavender: detoxin, sterilizing, stopping itch, killing bugs.
◆Cordate houttuynia: heat clearing, detoxn, damp elimiinating, diuretuc
◆Mint: cooling, analgesia, stopping itch, relieving discomfort
◆Aloe: moisturizing, diminishing inflammation, heat clearing
Primary Competitive Advantages:  

ith the five kinds of Chinese natural plants essence oil gives healthy guarantee during menstruate.
 · Chinese natural plants essence, preventing and improving gynecopathy;
 · Excellent water absorption, thin and soft property;
 · Effectively remaining clean, preventing bacteria;
 · With three national patents, passing several tests, giving you with complete and reliable healthy care,

  Five Advantages:
 1、Cooling, refreshing   2、stopping itch, sterilizing
 3、Removing odor    4、Promoting blood circulation
 5、Improving dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea, and discomfort during catamenia
Trade Information:  
  1. Price: depends on terms 2. Packing: 40 bags/box  3. Dispatch from where customer designate 4. Delivery Lead Time: 30-45 days  
Sales Method:  
  Export, Manufacture, Wholesale, OEM/ODM  
Payment Term:  
  T/T, L/C at Sight,Payment condition by contract.  
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