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Health & beauty Coffee
*15 bags/ box
Health & beauty Tea
*15 bags/ box
Health & beauty coffee & Tea
*60 bags/ box
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  Natural precious plant ' Garcinia cambogia ', contain natural composition HCA<oxyhydrogen and citric acid>, and water soluble plant meal fiber, can promote metabolism, increase the full sense, reduce the tired sense , maintain the health.  

Fill a prescription ' Isomalt-oligosaccharide ', it is very healthy to grow the good fungus and raise , can help digest and maintain the alimentary canal function , change bacteria state , eliminate excrement smoothly, adjust the physique and body function, the nutrition supply maintains the health.

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Health & beauty Coffee
Specially select the top blue mountain and special mix coffee and fill a prescription, help digest, promoting metabolism, reduce the tired sense, maintain the health.
Health & beauty Tea
Ten kinds of rice and more five kinds of wheat and beans composition and the beginning milk calcium, contain natural nutrient, protein, high and fine, nutritious, adjust the physique , nourish and keep in good health , skin maintenance.

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  1. Price: depends on terms 2. Packing: 20box(15 bags)/ Carton or 6box(60bags) / Carton 3. Dispatch from where customer designate 4. Delivery Lead Time: 30-45 days  
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  Export, Manufacture, Wholesale, OEM/ODM  
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